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Meet Studio Patten, new Spanish Design Duo

Studio Patten is made up of Aida Novoa and Carlos Egan hailing from Madrid, Spain. In describing their practice, on their site they say, “It doesn’t matter the motive or the medium, what is important is the language of the content.” I couldn’t agree more.

Studio Patten initially contacted us asking us to work with us. I immediately fell in love with their work. I love their use of typography as part of the image making. I especially loved their series of city posters. Below are my favorites.


So I asked them to create some shirts for us incorporating images of Los Angeles and West Coast, fully knowing that they’re from Spain!


I asked them some questions about their perfect summer…

1. What is your favorite summer pastime?
Aida: I love snorkeling. It’s a very relaxing activity and I think I’m in another planet
Egan: I like going to the beach, swimming, sunbathing and reading.

2. Favorite summer memory ever?
Aida: I try to keep a very special memory every summer. This summer I have been swimming in the Mediterranean Sea under the moonlight, it was a beautiful experience!
Egan: I have a lot of memories, the first time I saw the sea when I was a child… What an impression!

3. Describe your perfect summer getaway of your dream
Aida: I would like to visit Fiji Islands and people who live there. I think it’s like the paradise.
Egan: Visiting a new city that I want to know, a very quiet and lonely beach, the sun, the sea and peace.

4. Favorite summer foods? (And drinks!)
Aida: A lot! Every kind of salad, gazpacho, grilled sardines at the beach… and caipirinha,
mojito or margarita for drink.
Egan: Barbecue for sure, ice-cream and mojito.

5. What songs would be on your summer playlist?
Toro Y Moi , Talamak, Los Pekenikes, Seu Jorge, Dj Day, Washed Out, Friendly Fires, Two Door Cinema Club, Electric Wire Hustle, Rose Murphy and more.

6. Knowing that you are from Madrid, we asked you to design some LA & West Coast themed shirts. Even though you’re not from here, you captured the feeling so well. How did you imagine the summers here in LA to be like? Did anything about summers in Spain influence your design?

Aida: LA is very fun and has a lot of things to do. Driving a convertible along an avenue with a lot of palm trees, doing surf. The influence is originated by people, places. Every place has a story, a scenery and a characteristic brightness.
Egan: I imagine a very fun summer in LA, with a lot of things to do. Spain has a lot of touristy places, beautiful landscapes and people feel like having fun.


We love Spain, too!

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