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Make room for your mind with Maikon Nery

We’re very happy to introduce Maikon Nery, a Poketo artist who previously collaborated with us on our Dionisius House Tee design and now, a new wallet! Maikon’s strikingly beautiful art work never fails to sear your senses and capture your mind. Read on and you’ll see what we mean.


Hi Maikon! Where are you from? And how did you get started in art?

I’m Brazilian, from Londrina, state of Parana. I started since I was a boy scribbling all I saw ahead. I loved to draw and paint and my parents always encouraged me in this direction. They have kept my drawings since I was 4 years old.


Where did you get the inspiration for this wallet design?

The inspiration came from a song by the Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil. The song is called “The Three Mushrooms” and I was inspired in part by the lyrics “Makes room for my mind to get inside the magic room of Dionysus’ house.” Dionysius is the greek god of festivals, wine and pleasure. The idea would be something like the light through pleasure.
You do a lot of great work in collage and mixed media. What is it about those mediums that attracts you?

The textures, the sum of surfaces. I like to see what the limit is of these techniques and media. I like to experiment but what attracts me are the textures.

There is nothing really subtle about the work you do. Do you want to provoke a reaction in your viewers?

Yes, the provocation is a way of communication. In fact, I want to dialogue and try to make people feel what I felt when I was producing the piece. If that happens then it worked.

You’ve started a new design studio called Pianofuzz with friends. Can you tell us a bit about it?

We are a Brazilian design studio that manifests experimentation and collective production. Our priority in a project is its visual expression. So we make works for any surface or media. We love to think, conceptualize, research and create freely. Always trying as a result to overcome expectations with the visual refinement and implementation of each concept.

Is starting a design studio something you always wanted to do? And how did it begin?

The dissatisfaction and the desire to do things our way was what led us to start the studio. Yes, to have a studio has always been a desire from the days of college. But I always thought I should have some experience before.

When you design with your partner, what is the work flow like? Do each of you take specific roles?

Yes, we have defined functions but once we value the collective production, everybody participate in some way or in some stage of the project.

Thanks for chatting with us Maikon! Good luck with everything ahead.

To view more of Maikon’s works, please visit

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