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Make a wish with FWY

Get all of the Wish Come True series toys here at Poketo! I love them, they bobble and the bells inside give a cute little chime to let you know that they are granting your wish. Towards the bottom of this post, you can see the different styles you can get in a blind box, there are also some super rare secret ones if you are really lucky.

FriendsWithYou will be taking over Queens Park in Toronto for the Luminato Festival… they are creating Rainbow City, filling the park with larger than life FWY inflatables. This is happening beginning Wednesday, June 16th. In the meantime, you can see their solo show at Narwhal Gallery and their pop up shop at Magic Pony…. by the way, if you are in Toronto, Magic Pony is a big supporter of Poketo and you should be able to get the Poketo x FWY wallets there if they haven’t sold out yet.

You can see more of these toys at!

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