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Magic hands… Reese Panganiban

We’re super lucky to have great interns this summer! You’ve met two of them last week, now meet the “star” of Poketo’s Wallet Wonderland Animation, Reese Panganiban! Reese has been helping us behind the scenes, designing some of our brand materials. We love her clean, fun style that’s so Poketo. We’ve also been wowed by her musical skills. Say hello to Reese, folks!

Reese, could you tell us a little bit about you?
Well, I am a hardworking, hand-making, piano-teaching, accordion-playing, fashion-craving graphic designer based in Orange County :)

Since you have such a wonderful name, I was wondering how do you feel about Reese’s Pieces? :
I looooove them!

What are your top five sources of inspiration?
* My brothers (who inspire me through illustration, graphic design, & videography)
* Handmade design (I love seeing handmade elements being applied to graphic design)
* Saul Bass (sparked my interest in motion graphics)
* Behance network
* Traveling (There’s always something interesting out there!)

What was the last awesome-can’t-wait-to-try it idea you’ve had?
Creating my own visual system of music… I have yet to try it out!

What are you studying at Cal State University, Long Beach (CSULB)? Why did you choose CSULB?
BFA in Graphic Design. I knew a few people who went to Long Beach and heard only good things about their art department & its locals :)

What drew you to graphic design?
I always enjoyed art, whether it be through music, dance (although I can’t dance!), or visual art, but what drew me to graphic design is that it had a purpose. It’s a form of visual communications.

Just driving down the street, there are hundreds of places & signs that help people understand where to go or what they may be interested in, and growing up, I would wonder who made these things. It’s kind of like being a doctor, except in a design sense. I take satisfaction in changing/helping what may be a poor design choice.

Could you describe your style of graphic design?
My style of graphic design is more crafty, quirky, and often handmade :)

What’s your favorite subject?
Art and music have always been my favorite subjects growing up because I was always surrounded by it. I always looked up to my talented brothers. :)

Now that you mention music. How did you get into piano and accordion?!
My mom wanted me to do things as a kid that she never got to do, so she made me take piano lessons at the age of 5. She also made me do ballet, choir, and ice skating, but music was the only activity that stuck around.

I ended up teaching at the age of 16 at Millan Music in Carson, Ca, and have been there ever since! I have now been playing for 19 years. My piano teacher introduced me to the accordion 5 years ago and I have been part of the D&G Ensemble ever since. Playing music counter balances my design half. When I need to relax, I turn to my music :)

You can see Reese play with the D&G Ensemble in this video. They do a rendition of Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man that turns into Santana’s Smooth.

When not drawing, designing, illustrating, what would you be doing?
Either playing or teaching piano. Love it!

Why intern at Poketo?
I love Poketo’s style and purpose! All the products are functional but also designed well.

What do you think is the best lesson you’ve learned at Poketo so far?
What it takes to run a successful business. The people at Poketo all work hard, but they also have fun doing it!

Oh, and also buying resistance. I want everything, but have done quite a good job at holding back :)

If you were any Poketo wallet, which one would you be?
The Mel Kadel wallet, because its so quiet (because of its color palette), yet so complex because of the details & patterns within it!

Find more of Reese on Behance.

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