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Luke Ramsey invades Europe


Our friend Luke Ramsey, of Islands Fold, will be touring Europe! Luke is amazing and dig how he makes stuff like this happen. Luke has been invited as a guest speaker at the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin, and will be on a European tour titled “Sausages and Pubs”, including London, Copenhagen, Gothemburg, Stockholm and Helsinki. On route he’ll be visiting with Luke Best, Jon Boam, Maxwell Paternoster, MOHS Gallery, Miss Lotion, Michael Ritz, Sune Ehlers, ORO Gallery, EKTA, Chris Magnusson, and Emmi Jormalainen.

If you remember around this time last year, we did “Islands in LA” with Luke and Angela of Islands Fold. Big art event here at the Poketo studio with other LA artists Travis Millard, Marco Zamora, Derek Albeck, Joel Speasmaker, and James Gulliver Hancock. An amazing show where all the artists made work that day and exhibited that same night. It was amazing and will expect nothing less than incredible in Europe.

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