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“Los Angeles, I’m Yours” x Portugal.The Man video and snapshot of an epic night

For those that were there (seriously, what seemed like a thousand of you), that staked out their spot starting at 2pm sound check, for those that supported the band and bought tons of art-wallets-prints-music, for those that were singing out loud, for those that that held their camera phones up the entire show, for those that got their shoes signed, for those that were blown away by the art of “Los Angeles, I’m Yours”, for those that climbed on top of the roof to see the show, for those that were so cool and waited patiently for Portugal to rock your world… It was an epic night, one that will go down in Portugal history, our history…. on behalf of Poketo and Kitsune Noir… Thank you for being rad and know that on May 1, 2010, we shared a night that could only be relived in our memories, our hearts. Yes, it was that good.

These two were the first to arrive at 2pm. I made sure they knew the band wasn’t coming on until 8pm. They knew. The already toured the gallery, ate lunch, and now about to enjoy a special sound check and one on one with the band.

John Gourley and Austin Sellers hold their Portugal x Poketo wallets! Only 150 of the designs made!!

That is Martin of Poketo (middle). Martin started as an intern with Poketo and quickly became a permanent part of our team… he got “all access” to take the many incredible pictures you see here and on our flickr.

Super stoked to have this picture with frontman, John Gourley, Portugal artist Austin Sellers, me and Angie (Poketo). John and Austin collaborated on art for the show, two original one off pieces sold that night. Lucky for the collector that got these one and only.

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