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Looking to spruce up the studio


We are in the beginning stages of looking for some new furniture for the studio that can also transition into home at some point. This is more difficult than you might think… what fits in the workplace will not always fit at home. This we learned from an expensive couch we bought last year…. it works great at Poketo, as that space is sharper, industrial, concrete, but, it wouldn’t work at home. We want to home up the space a bit, while still keeping in a mid century modern aesthetic. Our space is not totally like that, but, we have quite a few pieces that fit the mold.

Down a seemingly desolate road in Hollywood lies Silica Three. A 5000 square foot warehouse housing mid century modern furniture, all imported from Sweden and Denmark.


David, the proprietor, left a well paying job years ago, traveled through Sweden in a van, picked up some pieces and looking at his collection, has made some great contacts that allow him regular shipments of vintage pieces from Europe. Most of the pieces may not come in perfect, but, he and his team then refinish and reupholster everything that then brings new life to these already gorgeous pieces.


We’ve taken the weekend to look through the web and have gone to some peoples homes via craigslist and ebay. All of it a sort of learning process, taking in the variation, quality, design and price we have encountered. It’s a lot to go through, but, what has helped of course is seeing the homes and studios of fellow artists and designers on Design Sponge. Grace at DS does an amazing job, it so great to get sneak peeks inside peoples homes, studios… and a huuuuge inspiration. Another inspiration of course is IKEA.


It’s good to cruise their showroom… they are the masters of space, organization, and good design. Right now, they have the Stockholm Collection that is up our alley.


This one is not from the Stockholm Collection… but, it’s a sweet little teeter tot.


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