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Long Weekends For Riding

Hope everyone had a great, long MLK weekend. It was perfect and sunny 80 degrees or so in Los Angeles. Yes, this is what winter can be like in LA…. rain like cats and dogs one week and then be gorgeous and bright the next. All we could think about was getting outdoors… we picked up Angie’s bike from the good folks over at Orange20 bike shop. Their staff is knowledgeable, have a keen aesthetic, and are super nice. We highly recommend them.

Geoff McFetridge for Orange20

Angie was super stoked on her new, old school ride…. steel frame, flat bar for a chill ride, shifters on the frame, and a Brooks saddle that makes the whole thing pop. Weekend rides to Pasadena and Burbank this weekend, both through dedicated paths- the LA River Bike Path and Arroyo Seco Bike Trail- Yes, even LA has dedicated trails!

Lots more to go before LA becomes truly bike friendly, but, little by little we see improvements every year. The next CicLAvia is on April 10th… this is when the streets of LA are closed to cars for bikers, pedestrians, and anything without a motor. The goal for LA really would be to move beyond special bike only days and truly make the entire city more commuter bike friendly- wider bike paths, dedicated trails, an overall safe zone for bikers throughout the city. Even our ride yesterday through Burbank, there was a three plus mile stretch of trail on Chandler Street in the middle median divider. What a great idea, instead of dead concrete medians that separates lanes, how about a bike/walk/rollerskating lane!

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