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Let’s call it “Bang! Bang! Draw!”

We are super excited for our show, “Bang! Bang! Draw!” coming up next Friday, April 24th! We’ve been waiting to do a show like this for a while now.

[Photo via PCP]

PCP has been a long time collaborator and friend of ours since the start of Poketo. And he’s done awesome collaborations with us on numerous designs. Doing a show together has been long overdue. And you know what, we’re so ready to make it happen.

[Photo via PCP]

PCP wanted to do something different–something that would be special to his relationship with Poketo. So we set up a few formal, stiff collared meetings with PCP to organize the event … via i-chat.


Ok, the formal part was a lie. But we did have lots of digital meetings. The time difference between here and Tokyo was a bit of a factor but not too bad. It was actually pretty nice– us in our pjs, and PCP at home with his wife and baby cooing in the background. If only all meetings could be so sweet!


PCP has worked with many musicians in the past doing designs and art work for them; and we thought, why not fuse both art and music at the show? We all know that music has always inspired art and art for music. During that time, PCP had just finished a zine with his drawings for a collaborative project he was doing with his friend, none other than March Bianchi from the great band Her Space Holiday.

[Photo via PCP]

Once Marc got on board, we reeled him into our meetings, threw out a bunch of ideas, until finally, all our thoughts exploded in a “BANG!”… and our art show was born. Appropriately titled “Bang! Bang! Draw!”


Bang! Bang! Draw!

Friday, April 24th
7:00 PM – 7:30 PM: Live music performance and moderated q&a session.
7:30 PM – 10PM: Art show/Party with original works by PCP. Artists in attendance for signings.

Poketo Studio
510 South Hewitt Street, #506 (5th floor) Los Angeles, CA 90013

Urth will be generously donating coffees, teas, and pastries for the event.

Sapporo is also our wonderful beverage sponsor for this event.

For more information about the show, click here or visit

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