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Karaoke and Bowl, my two favorite sports


These are the words of Raina Lee. But, also seems to be true for our friend Rima and half true for both Angie and Genevieve. All Star Lanes is an old school place in Eagle Rock–they combine many favorite things–karaoke, bowl, DDR, and not so good chinese food. Despite the curmudgeonly gentlemen behind the bowling counter, a perfect end to a great holiday break, a late night session of knocking down pins and singing hearts out.

Raina Lee and Derek Kirk Kim

Jesse sings “Cold Hearted Snake”. Shoulder shaking Paula Abdul style?

Raina “Gets Physical”, Genevieve shows us how it’s done!

Don’t let the good form fool you, Angie’s strength is karaoke.

This is why Genevieve’s sport is karaoke… and karaoke only.

This is how serious it can get. Taken from Raina’s past triathlon–bowl, sing, imbibe

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