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Just in time for dreams, Digital Harinezumi 2 arrives!


We’ve been waiting patiently for this to arrive. Finally, the Digital Harinezumui 2 arrives. This time with sound capability!! If you don’t know the Digital Harinezumi, it’s a super mini digital video camera (fits in the palm of your hand, about 3 inches long and 2 inches tall.). But, this is not your regular squeaky clean image camera, it makes the everyday super dreamy, saturated, a distant memory. The visual quality very much like your dad’s old Super8 film camera. Old analog film brings me back to good days… I still have an old Bell and Howell projector and reels and reels of family film on super8. We usually bust out family films around holiday and just reminisce of childhood. The color and imperfection of super8 helps bring back those warm, dreamy memories. This images from the Digital Harinezumi is just like this–vignetted, saturated, imperfect, dreamy.

But unlike images burned onto celluloid, the Harinezumi 2 records both moving images, still images, and sound, all on a micro SD card. Days of old are now back, much more current, but, still super low-fi. The Digital Harinezumi 2 has the bare minimum of electronics, which is why it’s captures such a cool, surreal image. Check out these edited videos from Powershovel in Japan. Can’t wait to start playing with this, look for Poketo films soon!

This one, shot in Black and White mode on the camera.

We only got a few of these for the holidays, get them before they are gone.

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