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Jolby talks about their favorite summer time

By now you guys know Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols of Jolby, the nicest, friendliest, and the most talented illustration/design duo out of Portland. We first met them in 2010 on our visit to Portland, and then did a wallet with them that you all loved and you all went crazy for the new Adventure Time collaboration that they were part of too. We toured their studio early this year and always scheming more collaborations with them. We love Jolby. Can you tell?

So on that note, part of our latest summer tees collection included Jolby as well.

Cali inspired tees at Poketo!

We asked Jolby some questions regarding summer.

What is your favorite summer pastime?
Colby: I grew up skateboarding on the mean streets of suburban San Diego (that’s sarcasm). I loved the days of riding around with my friends and skating from sunrise till sundown.
Josh: BBQ and just being outside as much as possible. Being in Portland you have to soak up as much sun as you can before it leaves.

Favorite summer memory ever?
Colby: I got married this Summer, so I’d have to say that’s my fave!
Josh: During the summers when I was a kid I would stay with my aunt once a week in Ventura, CA. My cousin and I would stay outside all day going to the beach and hunting around for frogs and other creatures. It reminds me of times when life was easy and carefree.

Describe your perfect summer getaway of your dream
Colby: Laying on a sandy beach, staring into clear blue water with a cold beer in my hand and my wife and friends beside me.
Josh: Spending time in Spain with my wife eating seafood and hanging out at the beach everyday for the entire summer. Can anyone make this happen please?


Favorite summer foods? (And drinks!)
Colby: Food: Hot dogs. Drinks: Ice Cold IPA’s!
Josh: Whiskey gingers all day and all night. I love bbqing as much as possible to. My wife and I try our hand all sorts of summer fresh dishes.

What songs would be on your summer playlist?
Colby: I’m more of a whole album dude, so I’d say any album by the Mattson 2, Lord Huron, or Tycho.
Josh: Real Estate “Easy”, My Morning Jacket “Wonderful”, The Beach Boys “I’m Waiting For The Day”, White Denim “River to Consider”

For the Sun and Shore tee you made for us, how did you come up with the design? What images or thoughts came to mind as you were creating the design?
Josh: The design was inspired by a piece we did for our latest art show “Shapes & Smiles”. The original idea and the “Sun and Shore” design both were inspired by trips my family would take to the beach. I loved just sitting in the back seat looking outside as we drove to the coast. Those are some of my favorite memories with my family so we were excited to have them apart of Poketo’s line.


So are we. We love the shirt and we love you guys!
Cali inspired tees at Poketo!

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