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One thing that we always make time for in Korea is jjimjilbang (hot room).

From Wikipedia:
Jjimjilbang (찜질방) are large, gender-segregated public bathhouses in Korea, complete with hot tubs, showers, Finnish-style saunas, and massage tables, similar to what you may find in a Korean sauna or mogyoktang. However, in other areas of the building or on other floors there are unisex areas, usually with a snack bar, ondol-heated floor for lounging and sleeping, wide-screen TVs, PC bang, noraebang, and sleeping quarters with either bunk beds or sleeping mats. Most jjimjilbangs are open 24 hours and are a popular weekend getaway for Korean families to relax and spend time soaking in tubs or lounging and sleeping, while the kids play away on the PCs.

At the entrance, you get a set of towels, an outfit to lounge around in (usually pink for women), set of keys for lockers

Bathhouses are segregated between men and women but the all the hot rooms are co-ed. This particular jimjilbang had separate elevators for men and women

Temperature in one of the hot rooms:

Two of the many rooms – 1 with hot gravels another with hot salt

Cold refreshments to quench thirst – popsicles and drinks

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