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Jeana Sohn at home in The Hollywood Hills

Meet Jeana Sohn-artist, blogger, and model for the Poketo for Target collection. Photographer Ye Rin Mok captured most of the lookbook in Jeana’s beautiful, Hollywood Hills home where she lives with musician and husband Brad Breeck and her two little dogs.

Can you tell us about where you live? What makes it special for you?

I live in an old 3-story house in Hollywood Dell. I love that it has a great view, and the floor plan is very open for an old house. Also, I see so many humming birds around. The whole house feels very magical and inspiring.

What’s your favorite place in your home? Do you have a place to dream, rest, work, and play?

I spend a lot of time on the 3rd floor (it’s just a big open space). I often move things around and set things up there and take photos, film and paint. We call this floor “Jeana’s creative space”. Sometimes it turns into a dance floor! My husband’s music studio is on the first floor so when he has clients downstairs, I have privacy upstairs.

Are there any secret places you like to go to for inspiration?

I like to hike at the Hollywood Reservoir, Franklin Park and Griffith Park (there are so many nice trails there!). Rancho Palos Verdes and Abalone Cove are my favorite beaches.

What are your favorite places for fashion finds in Los Angeles?

For vintage: Goodwill, Squaresville in Los Feliz, American Rag’s vintage section, thrift stores in Palmdale, and the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
For contemporary: Mohawk General Store, Clare Vivier, Opening Ceremony, Steven Alan Outpost and sample sales.

What is your perfect day like?

Get up, coffee, clean the house (i like cleaning!), farmer’s market, lunch & coffee with friends, create something fun at home or outside, go for a long walk with brad and the dogs. Then cook a yummy dinner, get some gelato, watch a late night movie, and sleep.

Follow Jeana on her blog. We are in love with her blog here at Poketo. This is where we discovered the videos she makes. We caught ourselves watching her videos over and over-they were fun, moody, adventurous, bright, intriguing, simply beautiful-We fell in love and we asked Jeana to make a video inspired by Poketo. Here is what she made. Perfect.

Jeana Sohn for Poketo

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