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It starts with a spark… National Forest

Had the pleasure this morning to meet up with Steven Harrington and Justin Kreitemeyer at the Creative Mornings, Los Angeles talk. No doubt you’ve seen the work both Steven and Justin have done individually as well as for their design firm, National Forest. National Forest works on everything from identity to major advertising campaigns. Today, they went through some of their projects for the likes of Urban Outfitters, Quicksilver, and Target.

Most interesting though was their metaphor of the “spark”. A spark produces a flame which produces a fire, builds community, and spreads. In their case, all of their creativity and art starts with a simple act of doing what they love. The spark is their pure, unadulterated art. Often times, their art, their perspective get fused with commercial work with the potential of spreading like fire to millions. But, it all starts with the spark, being themselves and being free to express themselves through art. It’s how it is and how it should be.

Steven Harrington and Justin Kreitemeyer of National Forest

Creative Mornings, Los Angeles... full house!

Steven and Justin presenting their top 10 inspirations...

Jon Setzen, organizer of Creative Mornings, Los Angeles

Here is our friend, Jon Setzen, the organizer of Creative Mornings, Los Angeles. He is the one that invited us to our Creative Mornings talk last year at the Herman Miller showroom. Basically, Jon rocks worlds.

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