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It’s Dead Weather




I want to show you guys a glimpse of the The Dead Weather Pop Up shop that happened last week. It was only up for a few days during their show here in Los Angeles. I know this post is late, but, it’s special what they did.

Jack White and Dead Weather took over two storefronts and made each opposite of each other. The concept was awesome, a novelty and record shop for the album and others on Third Man Records. One storefront was yellow, the other blue. They had the same records and merch in each store, but, It was a bit bizarre land in the blue room as all the jackets for the albums were printed in reverse. The reverse printed records were of course the collector editions as they could only be bought there.

The blue store, bizarre room was closed, but, the guy was cool enough to open it up for me. We had to duck in to get inside.





I got my copy of Horehound and it’s solid. This video sums it up for me.

Reminding me of dead weather, the video below I picked up from our friend Bobby at Kitsune Noir. It’s a time lapse of the fires currently raging in LA.

Timelapse – Los Angeles Wildfire from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

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