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It’s a Pretty Zombie day


Perfect for our chill Saturday, long time Poketo collaborator and dear friend Nathalie Roland sent over a copy of her latest zine, “Pretty Zombie”. The zine is full of Nathalie’s illustrations and a tale that reveals that even the dead have feelings of love, loss, and hope.




The very back of the zine has rad screenprinted fabrics…. hmmm, I’ll be part of the zombie tribe and use mine as a jacket patch.


Nathalie had a zombie party for the launch of the zine. Let me just say, Nathalie has the warmest, sweetest flat in San Francisco… this was a zombie love party, not a ghoulish, cold one. Friends came over, formed an impromptu band called, Dead Love, and rocked out and had a frightening good time. Pun intended. Check out musicians Goh Nakamura, Scrabbel, and my little brother, Troy, jam! If you click on Troy’s blog, you can get a free music mix download he does via singsweetsound.

pretty zombie zine party from Myleen Hollero on Vimeo.

You can buy a copy of your zombie zine here!

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