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Islands in LA wrap up and thank you!!

Thank you to everyone that made it out last Friday!! Huuuuge success, so much fun! Probably one of our best shows to date…. things just came together in a very natural way. Artist came over around 1pm and just got cracking on making work, chatting, and having a good time. It was incredible to see all of the artists just jive and work together. Luke joked and lead the group in a corporate style meeting, it was hilarious with everyones pens, brushes, and paint at their side. It was rad, one minute, the walls were blank… the next, full of art!! You can see all of the photos from the show here.



Marco Zamora, full on focus

In the afternoon, before the official show, Ange of Islands Fold gave us their residency experience with a beautiful lunch… thai wrap and quinoa salad!


We opened up the studio to the public at 3pm and we got a few folks came through… but, the real party started at 6 and streams of people came through the whole night. It was probably the best turnout to date and we were super stoked to meet new folks. Everyone was high spirits and the art flew off the shelves, it was nice to see people stoked on their new art purchases.



This shot was pre-show set up.

One of the biggest hits was the killer Islands in LA photo booth. How can you resist the islands?
Here’s a group shot of all the artists… Luke Ramsey, Angela Conley, Travis Millard, Derek Albeck, Marco Zamora, James Gulliver Hancock, Joel Speasmaker (missing from this photo), Nick Mann, and us!!

artist Neil Doshi and Lorin Brown

artist Chris Bettig snapping away

Jessica and Amir of Beautiful/Decay

Good vibes.

Tula of happy snapping. DJ Harry Um in the back actually playing his tracks for the first time that night. Killer soundtrack to the evening.

We made a special edition event tee for the night…. we have less than 6 or so of some of the sizes, so get on it!! This is a collaborative design by Luke Ramsey, Derek Albeck, Travis Millard, Marco Zamora, and James Gulliver Hancock. Once they are gone, they are gone!!



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