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Interview with Sidney Pink: Ready for sunny days ahead

Meet Sidney Pink, one of our artists for the LPP wallet series. He shares with Poketo about his japanese influenced drawings and his perfect Sunday afternoon.


Hey Sidney! How are you today?

I am feeling good. As spring approaches I am feeling a sense of
renewal and a fresh start.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with art?

I grew up in Hagerstown, Maryland, which is not far from Baltimore and
D.C. I have always had a passion for the visual arts from a young age.
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study at the Maryland
Institute College of Art. That experience exposed me to a lot of
different people and ideas. I am always driven to create new work and
I am restless when I am not producing new stuff. Every new drawing is
a struggle but it is that challenge that makes the process and the
product worth it.


Many of your drawings incorporate old sci-fi elements with seemingly
ordinary schoolgirls and businessmen looking types. What’s the

My current visual style developed while I was living in Japan. School
uniforms and salarymen are common sights in Tokyo. Those types of
characters are also very common in anime and manga, which I was
exposed to a lot during that time. I like the iconic pop quality that
the “school girl” and “man in suit” give to my drawings, but I have
tried to make them my own. These characters are sometimes allies in my
fictional world, but are often in some kind of conflict. I love
everything science fiction so it is natural for me to include it in my


Tell us the story about what’s going on in your wallet design for
Poketo. Why is the octopus being zapped?

I do have a loose narrative in my mind for my work as a whole, but
individual drawings are often created with the visual juxtapositions
and line-work in mind. I like the viewer to create the narrative or
meaning for themselves.

Where does the schoolgirl in the wallet go to school?
Nishimachi International School.


What are some things, ideas, themes you always try to capture in your art?

I want my work to both evoke meaning for the viewer and function as a
beautiful image. Visually speaking, I love spare drawings that invite
the viewer into delicate line work and simple forms. In regard to
meaning or themes, I often want to create a sense of awkward
relationships or moments of tension. I hope to expand my current
catalogue of characters and their visual landscape. Eventually I would
like to have a body of work that represents a whole reality.

Describe to us your perfect Sunday afternoon.

My perfect Sunday would start with a hike in a park on a warm day with
my wife. We would then have lunch at a little café in the city. We
would spend the afternoon napping and reading in a sunny room. In the
evening we would watch an old black and white movie from the 40’s.

That sounds absolutely perfect. Thanks for the interview!

To find out more about Sidney, please visit his website at

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