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Interview with Ramis Kim: The odd and the beautiful

Meet Ramis Kim, another one of our awesome designers of our new LPP wallet series. Ramis shares a bit about her fascinations and her very cool name.


Hi Ramis! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with art?

I grew up in Seoul, Korea and I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl. When I was 16, I was fortunate to attend Walnut Hill School, a small art school located in a small town called Natick, Massachusetts. The school led me to open my vision to grow as a young artist. In 2000, I came to Los Angeles to attend Cal Arts to learn animation. Working as an animator and background painter at an animation studio is good and all, but I always wanted to work on my own stuff. So I started making art again. From that point I have gotten full satisfaction for myself that I couldn’t get from working in the industry.


Ramis is a pretty unique name. Where did it come from?

This is kind of funny story but I will tell you since there are some people who get confused with my name. I always went by Rami Kim, which is my pure korean name until I got out of college. I wanted to make my art website but I found out that there was another Rami Kim who was a famous DNA scientist and a quilt designer and the domain name that I wanted was already taken. So I just added “s”, at the end of my name for domain and Ramis became my artist name since then. I still go by Rami Kim in animation related field though to separate.


There is a very fantastical feel to the wallet design you did for Poketo. Is that realm something that fascinates you?

I am into things, people and places that are not used to us. Something that we haven’t seen in life but when we finally see it we feel as if it definitely exists somewhere in this world. I want to portray that feeling in my work. People fascinate me as well as anything odd or beautiful.


We heard you’re into vintage fashion. What’s a favorite vintage piece that you own?
My antique victorian style velvet couch! I love vintage items because they each have such character and their own story. Buying vintage also helps the environment by reducing the use of new resources!


Should we be afraid of tigers or can they be our friends?

They can be our friends like cats!

Give us three people, places, or things in the last week that inspired you.

1. The smell of spring
2. Yoga class
3. Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (film)

Thanks for your time Ramis! It’s a pleasure having you in our series.

To see more of Ramis Kim’s work, please click here.

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