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Interview with Kelly Lynn Jones: How she manages LPP and everything else.

Kelly Lynn Jones, the founder of LPP talks with us about how she balances her schedule and her evolving style.


Hi Kelly! Thanks for curating the artists for the Little Paper Planes x Poketo wallet series. We really love this series and we’re glad to be working with you and everyone who collaborated.

I am glad to have joined forces with Poketo! The wallets turned out great!

You are an artist as well as the founder of Little Paper Planes, the awesome online store that sells goods made and designed by artists. You’re also currently working on your MFA in San Francisco! That’s more than a full plate! How do you balance your art and your business?

Yes my plate is full and at times it can be overwhelming but I just have to time manage and do one thing at a time.  I usually am at school from Monday-Saturday and do usually about 10-12 hour days in my studio.  On Sundays is my LPP day and I work in the LPP office all day with my interns.  So I think I figured out a system.  Obviously throughout the week I will respond to emails and do other little things for LPP but as a general I do most of it on Sundays.  

Do you find the two interweaving?

I see my artwork and LPP as two separate entities so there is not much interweaving.  When I start LPP on Sundays I usually switch into business mode and out of artist mode.


How did LPP begin?

It began in 2004, my friends and I were making zines, silkscreening stuff and I thought it would be fun to make an online store to sell all the stuff we were making so we could support ourselves while pursuing our art careers.  At the time there wasnt much out there as far as stores go  (I think Poketo was one of the firsts) so we didn’t really have options as far as where to sell the work we were making online.  Over the course of the years the site has grown quite large and if always expanding.  It is crazy how the internet has changed so much over these years as well.

I see that homes and interesting structural arrangements with those kinds of spaces are a big part of your work. What is it about the home and the way we organize the materials we have that draws you?

Well that is essentially what I was working with when I had given images to Poketo last year for the wallets, however since starting grad school my work as changed a lot. My work has abstracted into shapes still using the influence of nature and urban spaces. I mainly work in collage now as well as entering the sculpture/installation realm.   


How did you you select this design for the wallet?

I had selected that piece because at the time I had a breakthrough of multiplying the houses/structures I was making rather than just a singular house.  I had liked the idea of creating my own cityscape by appropriating various images from all over.  In a sense I am still working in that fashion, even though the ideas have shifted. I am more interested in constructing my own mythology which lends to a wider scope than just the urban realm.

What is something old that you’ve re-discovered lately that has inspired you?

Bob Dylan. Someone was playing him yesterday and it made me smile. I think I will play Blonde on Blonde today.


Give us five of your top favorite films, with one or two words describing how they make you feel.

1. Eternal Sunshine for a Spotless Mind–magical
2. Once–inspirational
3. Say Anything–nostalgia

Thanks for everything Kelly!

To view more of Kelly’s works, please visit

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