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Interview: The sea reminds Lilly Piri to explore


Hi Lilly!! Your work has such a soft lens, a very dreamy feeling… I feel like I’m looking into the past when I see your drawings, especially the Poketo wallet you did. Tell us a bit about that what inspired the imagery. The drawing has a kangaroo, koala, parakeet, and a ringtail possum… I think it is at least. All very Aussie!

Well, I like drawing Australian animals. At my family home in QLD there are always lorikeets, bush turkeys and possums visiting, and once a koala got stuck on the roundabout, which is pretty amazing becase it is a suburban area! My parents actually found an abandoned baby noisy mynah which they have been raising and I’m looking forward to meeting him.


What is it about the sea and animals that you love?

The sea always reminds me that there is a lot to explore, and it is nice to look out and think about what is over the horizon. My dad goes deep sea fishing a lot, I used to go with him, but these days I get seasick.

Both of my parents love animals, so i think i got that from them. We grew up with 20 chickens, tadpoles, some guinea pigs, a dog and cat, and we always had possums visiting.


What type of animal would you describe yourself as?? What animal would you choose to be??

Hm, I think I would be a currawong. They seem to have a good life, and they have a nice singing voice.

You are currently living in Germany with your husband. How did you decided to move there, what are you doing in Germany?

We decided to move here because it is so close to everything. We plan to move back to Australia in the next two years though. I’m just drawing like always, moving doesn’t really affect me because pretty much all of my work is done via the internet.


What are some of your favorite things to do in Germany on your free time? What do you miss about Australia?

On a nice sunny day, i like going to the Schwetzingen gardens, or going into Heidelberg city or working in our vegetable patch. On a cold day, it’s fun to go to the woods and collect chestnuts and in winter the Christmas markets are ace. I miss my family, friends, the sea, lamingtons and the good weather. Heiko and I are going to Australia for Christmas this year and I can’t wait.

Any last shout outs to friends and fans?
Hello to Elly Yap and Ricky Reyes!

Check out Lilly’s dreamy Poketo wallet here.
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