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Interview: Sam Hoh… it was supposed to be a llama that shape shifted over time to become a volcano


Hi Sam! It was a pleasure to hang out at the show in Melbourne. I snapped a photo of you before officially meeting you, you looked so stylish! Your work for the show was so different and interesting. You work a lot by weaving fabrics and weaving ink lines when you draw. Can
you tell us a bit about your work and what you do?

I’ve been obsessed with beading for a while and plants so I drew my inspiration from that. It was originally supposed to be a llama that had shape shifted over time to become a volcano but I don’t think it worked out! Perhaps if I had approached it like a piece of
Sequential art it could of worked or something.

You not only draw but, you are also an animator. What did you study? How did you get involved in art and motion graphics?

I studied visual communications at UTS where I was introduced to time based works. It seemed like a natural progression for me to get into motion work since I was always interested in music and films.

My first job out of university was at SBS as a motion graphics designer. It was a good place to start a job and there were a few interesting projects that came my way. I then went Overseas for a couple of months to Europe and South America. I think that is where my drawing became a bit more serious.


I love your reel by the way. Seems to have such a mix of stuff from live action to hand drawn animation. Is it mostly commercial work you do when you work with motion? What was one of your favorite projects and why?

The bulk of motion work I do is commercial but I’ve been meaning to do more personal works. My favourite project was doing a children’s DVD for Justine Clarke at Mathematics. We had to create video clips for Justine’s album and we mixed live action footage of her with our own animations. The brief was really open and it was fun interpreting the songs with child like imagination.


Do you love one more than the other or is it all the same to you?

I can’t really say I love one over the other. They have their good and bad months. I think it depends on what mood I’m in. I like trying out different mediums just to be able to think a little differently.

Are you doing art full time? What is a typical day in the life for you?

I freelance for different companies. Usually with motion stuff it is onsite work and illustration I do mostly at home. In my down time I do my own projects. I wanted to go freelance so I could have time to concentrate on my own art.


Tell us about the Poketo wallet you did for us. The splash of colors are amazing, it’s a beautiful design.

Thanks! I love fabrics and how they drape and twist so I based my design on some scarves that I tied together. I did some beading and scanned it in for the inside to add some clashing colour combinations.


And the Poketo tee… again, very you with the weaving of the ink in the flower, or is it fruit? Tell us about what inspired that design.

I go through a lot of obsessions. I think back then I loved embroidery. It is a combination of apple and oranges halves with apple tree and orange tree flowers.

Sounds beautiful, an apple-orange tree flower hybrid. Any future projects or shows coming up that you want to tell us about?

Not at the moment. I’ve just come off a heavy motion project so I am planning to spend time on new works. I’ve been experimenting with some jewelry designs as well, sos we’ll see how it goes!


Check out the Sam’s Poketo tee here.

Check out Sam’s beautiful Poketo wallet here.
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