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Interview: Fontaine Anderson far from home

Hi Fontaine! We didn’t meet up in Melbourne for the show because you are based in the UK. What got you out there, what are you doing there?

I have only been here six months, but I came partly to escape my parents telling me to have children and settle down and partly to see what I could find! My first job here was in textile design but I currently work for a design house that only does books. I have also done freelance work for the Guardian and the Telegraph as well as a childrenswear design studio in Denmark called Soft Gallery.

Ha! That’s really funny…. we get the same pressure, it’s normal. You are from South Adelaide, a totally different environment. What do you miss about home?

I miss the wide open spaces, the clean streets and the warm weather.

Your work and subjects is a mix of cultures and styles. Tell us a little bit about your work. What is the inspiration behind pieces.

I love fashion and textile designers, I get a lot of inspiration from magazines such as Lula, Visionaire and British Vogue. I am also inspired by different cultures – I love African masks, British suits of armor and the Japanese kimono. I also love nature and animals.


Tell me a little bit about the Poketo wallet you did. The girl you drew is so cool, kind of has this 60s, Japanese vibe to it. Am I totally off or??

The illustration was originally for my friends who own a retro clothing shop in Adelaide so I wanted the drawing to have a distinctly 60′s vibe. Japanese anime, textiles and patterns have always interested me and the dotted line I use is influenced by traditional Japanese sashiko embroidery.

Ah, I was on the right track. Thanks so much for the chat Fontaine!

Check out Fontaine’s poketo here
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