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Inspired to create: Booooooom creator Jeff Hamada

We are so pumped to be doing our first-ever open submission for a Poketo wallet design and we couldn’t think of anyone better to collaborate with than Jeff Hamada of Booooooom.

If you haven’t popped by his site yet, do check it out. It’s a great community filled with a lot of creative energy. Every day, we’re amazed at Jeff’s finds, but also the amazing submissions on his “Projects” page. We got together with Booooooom creator Jeff Hamada to ask him what his site is about and how his projects figure into the whole picture. Here’s the rundown:

Hi, Jeff. Could you give our readers quick one liner bio?
I am a Japanese-Canadian artist and I spend way too much time surfing the internet.

You’re also an artist yourself right? Could you tell me more about what type of work you do?
I like to draw with pencil crayons and enjoy playing around with text. Lately I’ve been working on some drawings of my childhood experiences.

Do you consider yourself more of an artist or a blogger?
I am an artist who became a blogger who hopes to return to being an artist at some point.

What the initial inspiration to start Booooooom?
It was just a way for me to collect creative images and share them with my friends, I never intended for it to become what it is today.

Why the name Booooooom?
I thought it would be funny to sort of hi-jack a url by adding a stupid amount of letters to a small word.

So, last week, we launched the Afterlife series of wallets. Could you tell us what the inspiration for that was?
The theme of this series is the “Afterlife”. I have always been interested in what people think is going to happen to us after we die. This was also kind of a sneaky way to have artists make self-portraits without telling them that’s what they were making.

Sneaky indeed. How did you choose the artists?
I wanted to work with a few artists who hadn’t already worked with Poketo so I decided to highlight some emerging Canadian talent! We aren’t all friendly hockey players, and dog-sledders, there are amazing artists living here too. I chose Josh Holinaty, Andrea Wan, Winnie Truong and Howie Tsui because they each have a really distinct drawing style, quite different from one another.

You also have some pretty cool projects through the site, what was the idea behind them?
I wanted to encourage people to get out and do stuff, make things. If everyone sat around on their computers everyday it wouldn’t be long before there wasn’t anything new to look at. The projects are also just opportunities to have fun.

Could you share your top 3 favorites?
I could go on and on if I pick 3 so I’ll just talk about my favourite project. When the “Where The Wild Things Are” film was coming out I joined forces with Spike Jonze’s blog We Love You So and launched a fort building project. People built forts out of trees, blankets, rocks, couches, anything they could get their hands on. I really like giving people license to go and do things they used to do when they were a kid but could be embarrassed to say they would still enjoy now. There were hundreds of submissions in the first four days of the project and the images spread like wild fire around the internet.

That sounds awesome! What do you hope the Projects will affect the Booooooom community?
I’d love it if the most interesting images posted on Booooooom came from submissions to our own projects. So far the projects are doing a great job of cultivating the kind of positive people I want engaged with the site and I think as the projects get bigger and word spreads about them, the quality of work submitted improves too.

What kind of submissions are you looking forward to seeing for the Poketo x Booooooom “Before Life” project?
I’ve never really seen this done as a theme so I’m really excited to see where people go with it. It’s cool to learn about Booooooom’s audience by having them make things. I think you can tell a lot more about a person by looking at something they’ve made than you can by reading something they’ve said.

True that. We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone’s going to come up with too! Thanks, Jeff!

Here’s how to submit your Poketo wallet design.
See the Poketo x Booooooom Before Life submissions here.
Check out booooooom at

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