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In memory of Emil Goh


Today, I woke up to the shocking and very sad news of our friend and Poketo contributor, Emil Goh passed away on September 7th, 2009. This sudden news sent shivers through me.


We first knew of Emil through his flickr, Superlocal. We were so taken by his beautiful photography. He captured the everyday world so beautifully. No frills, no effects, his pictures truly captured the colors, feeling, people, and the unique way he experienced a place. He showed us a Seoul that we had never experienced and wanted to visit.

We reached out via email and invited Emil or Superlocal to be a contributor to the Superlocal-Poketo blog. He didn’t even know us, but, he graciously accepted. On his blog, he posted pictures of food, trains, colors, matching outfits of Korean newlyweds, and playful design things–through pictures, he showed us his world.





In 2007, we had the opportunity to go to Seoul and meet Emil. He was the first person we met there. Starting from day one, he took us to eat pat-bingsu, noodles, and showed us the amazing street foods and his favorite hidden restaurants of Seoul. He loved food and he was not shy about it.

Emil knew everyone, a total connector, introducing us to all of the best and brightest artists and designers in Seoul. That was part of his art, he brought people together with ease and thrived on those new connections and friendships.




Last we corresponded was last month. We told him that we’ll be out in Korea again soon. He instantly listed off a bunch of design festivals, people, and places to check out. “See you soon”, he signed off.

Emil, wherever you are, you are missed.


You can see more Emil’s life and art on his Superlocal Flickr and Superlocal blog.

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