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How We See “Islands in LA”

“Islands in LA” is just a couple days away, and we can already feel the excitement in the air. I think some of you guys have been feeling it too. We’ve had some folks come in “early” over the past few Fridays, wondering if the event was going on. Of course it wasn’t, but at least they didn’t miss out! Thanks for coming in guys. We’ll see you soon (again)!


“Islands in LA” might have started out with a simple exchange amongst friends, namely Luke Ramsey of Islands Fold; but we soon started to see a deeper significance in what we were doing. As we brewed over ideas of the show, we realized that it was important for us to have the viewers connect tangibly with the artists and what they were creating. Art shows normally have only finished works on display, but we wanted our show to bridge the mental divide between the creator and the finished piece. That’s why for “Islands in LA,” we’ve created space for the public to witness the artists in motion as they collaborate. Everyone is invited be present as the artists’ ideas are transferred from their minds, to their hands, to the medium, and finally to the public.


We’re also happy that by doing that, we allow room for the spontaneous to happen. Beautiful things can occur in uncontrolled circumstances; it happens all the time if you look closely. Although this event was certainly not “unplanned,” in a way, we want to celebrate just that–the spontaneity of life, and the good things that result from it. Like finding out that Luke will be in Los Angeles soon, marking a date for the event while he’s in town, and having all the artists in mind available to be a part of the show, for example. All very good things.


We hope that “Islands in LA” will be more than just a different kind art show. Instead, we really want Islands to be an experience that attendees can take home with them, and draw continual inspiration from. Luke and Angela of Islands Fold remind us that our bodies, minds, and what we create, are connected to the conditions of our environment. And we often feel the freest when we’re comfortable. Therefore, we’ve become intentional about creating an atmosphere of coziness and warmth, by brining in beautiful lighting and furniture to our normally industrial style studio. And as an added bonus, there’ll be freshly baked pastries along with other food and drink for our attendees to enjoy as they hang out. Much of the baked goods and drink will be provided by our new neighbor across the street, Urth Cafe.


But more than anything, we hope everyone who comes to the show finds themselves having a good time. That’s the why we at Poketo do shows like this in the first place. And you know what? We always do!

Hope to see you all at the show! It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

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Poketo and Islands Fold Pop Up Art Show, “Islands in LA”

Beginning at 3 PM, all are invited to grab a drink, hang out with the artists, and witness new pieces being created from start to finish to be showcased later that evening. At 6 PM the official party will begin with a release of a special edition Poketo tee shirt featuring a collaborative design by the artists. The spontaneous nature of the show will allow the public to purchase all original art right off the walls to be taken home that evening.

Friday, February 27th
3 PM – 6 PM: Open studio with artists
6 PM – 9 PM: Official Artshow/ Party

Poketo Studio:
510 South Hewitt Street, #506, Los Angeles
Visit Islands in LA or Poketo for more info

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