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Holiday Family Photos with Adi Goodrich + Meiko Takechi Arquillos at Poketo Dec. 14th

Adi Goodrich

Remember those awkward holiday photos when you were a kid? You, staring blankly, slouched on the lap of a giant Santa Claus imposter, giant candy canes tower over you, and little elves telling you to smile. Those moments often ended in tears, but, they were memorable and the age old pictures are proof of how funny those times were. Well, the Poketo version will be different. Super, super excited to announce that on Saturday, December 14th Poketo LA will be transformed by the imagination of set designer, Adi Goodrich and photographer Meiko Takechi Arquillos. They will be coming to Poketo for some awesome holiday photo action. Think wild, patterns, cut outs, props, art, awkwardness (in a good way), and just plain FUN! Open to the public, friends, families, pets, bring your own props… it’s for everyone! More to come, but, to get things started here’s a quick Q&A with Adi Goodrich and some hints of what you’ll be in for.

Holiday Family Photos with Adi Goodrich + Meiko Takechi Arquillos
Date: Saturday, December 14th 12-4pm
Location: Poketo, 820 E. 3rd St, LA, CA 90013
Contact: (213)537-0751

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How would you describe what you do? How did you get into what you do?

I am a set designer, but I’ve really accepted the fact that I’m an artist, first. I studied painting and drawing with a bit of Architectural Preservation and Art History at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating, I had planned on continuing to manage an art store which I was working at, but a job in Los Angeles came up and I moved away from my hometown within two weeks. My first job was designing and building window displays for Barneys in Beverly Hills. I also worked at Anthropologie. While working those two jobs I was also building crazy, handmade sets with my new friends in our film collective and I eventually quit working to become a freelance set designer/production designer full time.

Adi Goodrich

Do you have “go to” materials or process’ that define your brand? What are some essentials in your studio?

The work I do is constantly changing, sometimes it’s painting large murals, building graphic sets out of carpet, painting 16′ gradient walls, making large hand-marbled backgrounds, building 10′ paper palm trees, it’s consistently something new, which I bring to the work myself. I want to always be using a new material or a new technique when building sets, we even throw all of the old props and set pieces away after jobs so there is no repeating elements in the work. With all of the change, my process is to be constantly aware of materials in the everyday, always being inspired, I’ll walk by a piñata store near my studio and think about how we can use tissue paper for the next project. The essentials in the studio are cabinet grade plywood, conduit, seamless paper, super 77, a husky knife, gaff tape, a hot glue gun, spray paint, ceiling paint, this stuff we call “strongman” in the studio, the list goes on.


Your proudest moment in the work you do?

My proudest moment is when we figure out tricks to do the work quicker and smarter, or when the guys on my team smile to themselves when looking at a finished set, I like that, a lot.

I love what you built for Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr… tell us about that, what was the inspiration, how did you make it?

It’s one of my favorites! It’s funny because that set and concept was so quick, which is always stressful but it doesn’t give you time to second guess anything. I worked on that project with JUCO which is a photo duo consisting of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud who I make a majority of my work with. They are super. We were inspired by this guy, Robert Abel, who was an early innovator in computer aided visual effects and animation. His stuff is so crazy. After drawing it out, we built these shapes and got to work, hand painting everything. I think we did it in two days, which always amazes me.

Adi Goodrich for Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

How did you and Meiko meet? Have you collaborated before?

Meiko first hired me to illustrate her house, I was doing Home Portraiture for a while. Now we are on the same roster at the agency, Redeye Reps. I’m so excited to collaborate with her on this project!

Adi Goodrich

What are three words that describe what people should expect for event on the 14th?

Cut out, pattern, wild.

All studio photography above by JUCO.

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