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Heisuke “PCP” Kitazawa would be phoneless and happy. Interview after the show.

It was a definite pleasure to display Heisuke’s work. We take some time for a short chat with him after the show. To see pictures of the event, check out our flickr.


There’s a beautiful and fantastical feeling about your work. What feeling do you try to communicate to your viewers? Is there something specific like nostalgia, memories, or fantasy that you try to communicate?

It’s different for every image that I draw but usually, all the elements in my illustration are there to tell a story that I want to tell wit certain pieces. More like iconography. So, it’s not that I am trying to convey certain emotional feelings to the viewers, but it’s more like a stage set to tell the core ideas of the piece. Does that make sense? Maybe not…sorry.


How would you describe your work?

Hopeful. Really…


If you could travel somewhere in the near future, where would you go?


And if you could travel back in time, where would you go? What time frame would it be?

Anywhere, anytime where there’s no cell phone.


You have worked with many musicians, doing art work for album covers, merchandise, etc. How do you start interpreting their work?

I listen to their album numerous times, and at first, I try to get the feel of the album, then I read the lyrics to see if the idea that came to my mind is anything close to what the musicians are trying to express.

Who or what are some of your inspirations?

Marc Bianchi or Her Space Holiday.


Are you fascinated by ghosts and monsters? What do they symbolize in your work?

Yes. They symbolize myself.

You’ve done many murals for your clients including Hotel Tomo and the Weller Court in Little Tokyo. How do you feel having your art cover a vast space? Why do you think it’s so appealing to people?

Scary. I don’t want the viewers to imagine what I am trying to say, but I want them to feel free to have their own take on my drawings. I am more interested in hearing their story than my own.


Thanks Heisuke! Always a pleasure working with you! Till next time…”

To see more of Heisuke’s work, go to:

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