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Have a Complaint? Submit to Tucker Nichols

If you have a complaint about anything at all, bay-area artist Tucker Nichols will listen to your pain, then create what he describes as a “vague and largely indecipherable postcard” and send it on to the offending party. Offenders so far range from Mother Nature to a toilet manufacturer. The project is called Anonymous Postcard, and it is a brilliant way to creatively transfer the negative energy in a complaint into making a piece of art.

The resultant images are typographical experiments, collages, doodles on a variety of surfaces like book covers, pieces of old packaging and napkins.

Here are some examples:

To: Specialty’s Bakery on Spear St, San Francisco, CA

Claim: First, I want to thank whoever it was that put that piece of blue masking tape on the hot water urn saying “HOT WATER ONLY.” This was a big deal for me, as I’ve had three nasty experiences over the years where my tea tasted like old coffee. Now, to seal the deal and turn me into a more frequent customer, might I suggest that you make the “HOT WATER” actually hot? Lukewarm water makes for crappy tea almost as much as coffee-tasting water does. Finally, what’s the deal with your name? Drives me nuts.

To: Lean Cuisine

Claim: Should a few small red bell pepper skin shavings be considered a “serving of vegetables” in your frozen entrees?

To: Amy Sedaris

Claim: Dear Amy, I like you more than your brother. I have read three of his books and heard some of his radio pieces…he is very awesome. You on the other hand, I have only seen a few pictures and read one short essay from “Home Studio Home.” I like you a little more than him even so. Don’t ask why because I am not sure.

You can help Tucker’s cause and donate stamps at this address:

So, has anyone offended you lately? Send your complaints to Tucker!

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