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Google Chrome Features


The new Google Chrome features, represented in 7 different videos are wonderfully creative. And while the world has yet to make the shift to Chrome from browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, Chrome’s 7 features are visually compelling enough to feed my curiosity in wanting more. All videos seem to carry the theme of DIY, and have a very whimsical touch to them. Check some of them out:

Chrome Feature- ” New Tab page” Sites you visit the most become readily available on your home page.

Chrome Feature- “Incognito”: This feature gives the user the ability to browse through the internet in “incognito” mode- deleting web browsing history. This isn’t a particularly new feature that we haven’t seen before, but it was funny reading the parenthetical note that this would be a perfect way to be discrete about G-rated things like bdays and gifts.

Chrome Feature- “Themes”: My personal favorite. Giving the user the ability to customize its browser with artists designs from all over the world.

Other Google Chrome features can be seen here.

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