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Goh Nakamura stars in Surrogate Valentine

Photo: Myleen Hollero

I am proud to announce that Surrogate Valentine, co-written and starring our good friend Goh Nakamura, premiered with warm fanfare at this year’s SXSW in Austin. Tonight, March 17th, it will be the Closing Night Selection at The San Francisco International Film Festival! You might remember Goh from his music and shows he has done with Poketo in the past. A kind of one man band, his music moves you with his beautiful voice and guitar. He was here at Poketo a couple of years ago, played an amazing set at the studio in front of a mesmerized crowd… so much so, you could literally hear a pin drop. He blew us away with his performance and he then continued good times with tacos and beer before crashing at our pad. That’s the cool, mellow, humble guy that Goh is.

Now, Goh has teamed up with filmmaker Dave Boyle to sort of make a movie about… himself. In Surrogate Valentine, Goh Nakamura plays Goh, a struggling musician that is barely scraping by, playing live gigs and teaching guitar. Things change when a filmmaker friend asks him to teach guitar lessons to TV star Danny Turner (Chadd Stoops) for his upcoming movie role and Goh jumps at the chance. While on tour together, things get complicated when Goh’s high school flame Rachel (Lynn Chen) shows up.

This is movie about friendship, love, wandering, discovery, and looking for that very thing you are missing, but, not knowing what it is…. I can’t wait to catch this. Surrogate Valentine is off to a great start, not only having had it’s world premiere at SXSW, Surrogate Valentine is the Closing Night Selection at the San Francisco International Film Festival (screening tonight!), then goes on to be the Official Selection at the Dallas International Film Festival, and then off to the the Cleveland International Film Festival.

Talking with Gary Chou, the executive producer of the film, they plan on doing live shows at each of the screenings, they produced a 7″ vinyl of the title track from the film, and will take the film on the road, guerilla style and play it in theaters and venues near you! That’s how they roll… indie filmmakers, indie musician, rolling it out the way they know how… real and lasting. Surrogate Valentine will surely make waves.

Here’s a great shot of Goh… the mellow, happy guy he always is :). This was the day after an epic show at our place, artist PCP is sleeping the day away.

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