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FREE issue of Ground Beef Skate Zine, 1985

While supplies last, we are giving away this re-editioned, issue of Ground Beef, a skate zine my brother, Tony Vadakan, made back in 1985. This was a zine made back when Tony was just in high school. Now over 25 years old, a significant piece of Southern California culture and skate history.

What’s incredible is reading 25 year old interviews with skater/artist/director Mark Gonzales, comic strips by prolific artist/filmmaker, Thomas Campbell, and amazing skate photography of Steve Caballero, Tom Groholski, Christian Hosoi, Mark “Gator” Rogowski and more- all when they were just youngsters and the zine made by a bunch of kids whose passion was just to talk about skating, neighborhood gossip, music, and just having a good time. There is no pretense, it’s just a fun, genuine zine. This is one of about six issues that have survived the years. I wish so badly I could find the rest of them.

Tony put this together with the tools of the trade at that time, no Photoshop or Indesign. Just plain, old exacto knives, rub on lettering, typewriter, glue, a committed group of friends, and a xerox machine that jammed constantly. You can read more about the inspiration of this series here.

We are giving away the zine to celebrate the launch of the Poketo x Club Mumble series featuring the work of prominent artists in the skate community, Bob Kronbauer, Andrew Pommier, Jeremyville, Tony Larson, and Travis Millard. Purchase a tee shirt or wallet from the Poketo x Club Mumble series and the zine is yours. We only reprinted a small run, get it fast while supplies last.

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