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For Host Gift Guide: Well Deserving Host


Aren’t sure what to take to your holiday party? Beguile your host with something that doesn’t bubble and come in a bottle. We have the ultimate stylish and cool host gifts that are a far cry from the cliché box of chocolates. Take a look at some of our favorites!

1. Broom Cutting Board -$125
2. Japanese Enamel Kettle -$125
3. Solid Brass Coaster -$35
4. Japanese Brass Trivet Sun and Moon -$96
5. Japanese Copper Graters -$40
6. Mini Mori Cup -$26
7. Gold Bottom Dish -$48
8. Gold Dot Dish -$32
9. Spoon and Well Set -$32
10. Japanese Brass Trivet Star -$90

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