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For Fans of Mad Men

Lionsgate, Mattel, and AMC have joined forces to bring you Mad Men Barbie Dolls.


For those of you without TV’s, Mad Men is an award-winning drama set in the 1960′s about an advertising agency on Madison Avenue, and the slick, stylish, delectably lecherous men and women who work there. The attention to detail to the fashion, props, and sets in this show is truly remarkable, and now Mattel has made equally detailed, Barbified versions of Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Joan Holloway, and Betty Draper. They are available for a mere $75 at, and other retailers in July.


The dolls bear little resemblance to the characters (where did Joan’s curves go?), but in the retro spirit of Mad Men, it looks like the mold of the dolls closely resemble the original 60′s Barbie.


Notably absent from the dolls’ accompanying accessories are the smokes and booze. Mattel markets primarily to kids, after all.

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