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Fashion Find with Green in Mind

Nowadays there are so many resources available to be green or eco-friendly, that we should have no excuse but to be more mindful of mother Earth. How wonderful is it that we can now even be eco-conscious in our attire with fashionable yet sensible apparel!

Ecouterre has beautiful styles created by designers who not only develop and create these wonderful pieces, but also have the environment and social effects in mind.
These would definitely catch the eyes of any fashionista, but at the same time, receive the respect from any green and eco-friendly friend.


Look familiar? You might have seen this hanging in your closet, and although you’d never expect to “wear” an umbrella, it sure makes a great fashion statement while recycling an item that may otherwise be difficult to reuse!


Another beautiful umbrella dress. How lovely!


Now we’ve all seen the hideous sterile hygienic masks used to fend off cold and flu viruses (especially for any fellow hypochondriacs out there), but why not protect yourself with style!

“Ecouterre is about changing people’s minds about what “fashion” design entails, beyond fleeting fads and mindless consumerism. Like any good product design, clothing production can be accomplished in a better, smarter, and more socially and environmentally sustainable way.”

Beautiful, sensible, stylish, and eco-friendly, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, they also have Vegan styles!

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