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Erin Althea Studio Visit

Erin Althea is a Los Angeles-based illustrator, painter, and sculptor. When asked how she defines herself, she says that she’s simply an artist and would prefer to go without labels. She is also the wife of fellow artist Mike Bertino (they have collaborated on various projects, including illustrations for McSweeney’s) and the mother of twin five-year-old girls. We had the pleasure of visiting her idyllic home in Highland Park, where she resides with her family and works from a tranquil outdoor studio. Erin invited us to observe her in the process of creating her concrete and resin paperweights, which she was recently commissioned to make for The Line Hotel—one for every hotel room. Amid laughter and conversation, we captured Erin pouring concrete into molds, injecting resin and pigment into the negative space, and sanding the final product: a minimalist, modern paperweight sculpture that is distinct for its simplicity and innovative design.

Erin Althea’s Concrete Paperweights can be purchased at or at the Poketo store at The Line Hotel.

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