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Engagement Party with OJO



OJO’s first Engagement Pary at MOCA brought me back to some crazy rave days with a twist of art. The guys and gal in OJO are all visual artists that dive in to aural experimentation. The performance was killer, the audience totally involved, chanting, screaming, dancing, jumping. When we walked into the MOCA courtyard, we grabbed a colored shirt made by OJO… red, yellow, blue, we took our pick. As OJO played, depending on the flash of color, it would prompt the audience to vocalize a particular word or sound that OJO instructed before the show. Sound confusing? It wasn’t, but, what resulted was organized chaos.

Their next performance is July 2nd 2009, get the low down here. Apparently, the next show will involve blocking off Grand Ave. and crashing cars. Nice.



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