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Eluding The Powers That Be – SPACETIME Artist Interview with Cody Hudson


SPACETIME artist Cody Hudson gives Poketo an inside view of a day in his life. As the owner and director of the design firm Struggle Inc., and having had his works shown all around the world, Cody is nothing less than busy. How does he do it all and remain so cool? Read on!


Hi Cody, so what was the inspiration behind your designs for SPACETIME? And what is SPACETIME to you?

I looked at the SPACETIME theme from the view of your inner head space, looking inwards to find the greatness of the universe with every thought and emotion being a different star or destination. Trip out, man…

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How did you know art was something you were supposed to be doing and when did that realization come?

I’m actually not sure if I’m supposed to be doing this. I’ve just figured I’d sneak in until the powers that be kick me out.

Where did you grow up and has that had an effect on your art?

I grew up in Kenosha Wisconsin. Not sure how it effected my art although growing up in the midwest in general I think gives you a more grounded sense of where you’re at. I also played D&D quite a bit and skateboarded and rode my bike over dirt jumps but I think I would have done that wherever I lived.


What do you do when no ideas come your way?

Go to the skatepark, watch bad TV or go to the bar.

What was your first design job?

Designing a weekly free coupon magazine that was given away at local grocery stores. We did the layouts using wax and paste up boards and each week physically assembled the 72 page magazine on individual boards and shipped out to have films made. If it was warm sometimes things would move and shift before the films were shot. So sometimes a headline would literally fall off of a page and stick to another part of the magazine and print like that. This was before layouts were done on computers. Looking back on it, it was pretty crazy doing all of that by hand when it’s now so easily done on computers.


From your blog, I see you’re a big fan of Hot Doug’s. That place looks like it rocks. What’s the best thing to get over there?

The specials are always great, but I really enjoy the straight char dog with everything minus the onions, also the corn dog is pretty good and lately I’ve been into the chili cheese char dog as well.


If you could take up any profession besides what you do now, what would it be?

I wish I had some read heady job picked out but to be honest I’d revert back to my 9th grade self and want to be a drummer in a rock and roll band.


What does a normal day look like for you?

Wake up around 9AM, go to the studio or maybe the gym if I’m feeling energetic, email and bullshit, work a bit, try to get a good lunch (Hot Doug’s, Urban Belly or Lula Cafe) around noonish, go back to the studio, work till around 6PM, go home, hang out with Lori, eat dinner, watch Daily Show, relax till about 10PM, go back to the studio till 1AM, ride my bike to the Empty Bottle in time for last call, go back home, try to fall asleep.

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Sounds like a full day! Thanks Cody.

To see more of Cody’s work, go to:
To see SPACETIME designs by Cody, visit:
SPACETIME Collection is curated by Poketo and Kitsune Noir

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