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Drafting The Next Page

By Calvin Berry

Even in sunny Southern California, where seasonal shifts are famously subtle, the yearly transition from summer to fall comes with a clear change in mood. As we enter into the second half of the year, we start thinking more concretely about our goals, and the steps we can take to reach them. It’s a time to get organized and intentional, but it’s also a time to get excited about new plans and possibilities. With these things in mind, Poketo designed The Next Page collection: stationery that helps you get focused as you look ahead to whatever comes next.

desk pads

When conceiving this collection, our designer Ly Tran wanted to create an engaging visual presentation that makes the process of planning for the future an inviting experience. “We wanted to design products that look good on the outside and are full of potential on the inside,” he explains, noting the importance of aesthetic to their functionality. “We wanted them to be items that compliment your personal style, that just so happens to be tools for getting organized.” By focusing on personal, artistic expression, planning becomes more fun and less stressful.


The changes that come with any transition can feel serious and daunting, but we want the Next Page collection to be a reminder that they also bring new opportunities. As many of you know, we at Poketo are in the middle of our own transition as we leave our old home in the Art District and move to a newer, bigger space at The Row. We know first-hand that big changes like these are both challenging and exciting, a way to shake things up and imagine new possibilities. We can’t wait to see what’s next for us, and we hope The Next Page will help you prepare for whatever’s next for you. You can view the full collection at our online lookbook, or shop the collection directly at our online store.

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