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Ditch the paint, throw up BLIK! A glimpse of their massive Venice studio…

We had a chance to tour the impressive BLIK studios over in Venice, CA. A fairly massive double warehouse operation that houses their design studio, offices, research, fulfillment and even production! Wow! For those who don’t know BLIK, they are the wall art innovators. Scott Flora and Jerinne Neils started the removable wall decal company in 2002 as an alternative to wall papers and painted walls. They wanted to freshen up their space, but, without the headache and hassle that comes with paint and glue. And that is exactly what BLIK does, they make recreating your space easy and fun. Forget the hassle, ditch the paint, and throw up a piece of art or a cool pattern on the wall.. and if you want, remove it and change it up. Done.

We’ve known Scott for some years now, running into each other often and finally got to reconnect at Creative Mornings, Los Angeles a couple months back. If you don’t know Creative Mornings, you need to know and can find out about their monthly creative talks here. As a matter of fact, we are speaking at the next installment on July 15th! Tickets are available starting July 11. Back to Scott… he’s a good guy running a thriving, awesome business. BLIK is now going on its 9th year and they have done amazing products and custom walls for the likes of Nintendo, Disney, Upper Playground, Google, Studio Jan Habraken, Keith Haring, Threadless, and so much more. Keep your eyes on the horizon and ears to the ground… who knows what will be next?

On a side note…a visit on the west side not complete without a quick lunch at the Mitsuwa Market.

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