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Damien Hirst’s Other Criteria


Damien Hirst alongside most expensive piece of art by living artist ($100 million dollars): For the Love of God

Undoubtedly the highest grossing Contemporary artist of all-time, Damien Hirst continues to pave the way for contemporary art with a publishing company established in 2005, Other Criteria. Other Criteria serves as a platform for internationally renown as well as up and coming artists to take their art out of museums and into creative merchandising. While it pains me to refer to these art pieces as “products” available for sale online, purchasing an Ed Ruscha ‘beach towel’ or a Cindy Sherman ‘tea set’ would be the ultimate gift in my book. If online were not enough, Other Criteria’s has its brick and mortar counterparts in both London and New York, some items for sale exclusively through the stores.

ruscha towel

The Ed Ruscha beach towel.

Sherman tea

The Cindy Sherman tea set.


The Eduardo Sarabia vase w/ produce-looking box.

The beauty of this website is the interesting story that accompanies each item. From conception to production details, Other Criteria provides you with a comprehensive background of what you are inheriting and the importance of what it represents.
Anything Hirst touches pretty much turns to gold. Here are some other collaborations done in the past and in the works for the future:

levis jeans

Hirst x Levis


Hirst x Louis Vuitton


Hirst x The Hours

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