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“Cute But Toxic”: Devilrobots interview

We’re excited to announce that the amazing Devilrobots has teamed up with Poketo to bring you an awesome new wallet, releasing July 10th at the Poketo Karaoke Dance Party.


The Devilrobots, famously known for their To-Fu Oyako series are an incredible design team who have their hands on everything from graphic design to character, toy, CD art, and apparel design. They’ve collaborated with a ton of great artists and designers, bringing you some of the most “cute but toxic” characters around.

Describe Devilrobots’ style in three words.

1. Cute
2. Evil
3. Smile

When you’re not designing, what are some of your hobbies?

Always designing, but in addition we are checking out variety stores, general stores, book stores, playing badminton, drawing pictures, or boozing.

What are the To-Fu head’s philosophy on life?

Risk it! ( Hit and get smashed..!)

What is a regular day like for you?

Get up at 9 AM, arrive at the Devilrobots studio by 11 AM, check mail, design, meetings, have a first glass of “Syochu” from 5 PM in the afternoon, and still work on finishing designs etc. Leave the office at 11PM, have a late dinner at 12 midnight, watch TV, read magazines, go to bed at 2 am.

One of the most defining moments in your life so far is…

When I quit being a “salaryman” and started Devilrobots with the 3 of us. That was the beginning…

Thanks guys!

Be the one of the first to get your Poketo x Devilrobots wallet at:
Poketo Karaoke Dance Party at Royal/T
Friday, July 10th, 2009
8 PM – 1 AM
Royal/T: 8910 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232
Free, RSVP at

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