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!CUPCO x Poketo!


Lucas Temby and his wife Mayumi Temby of CUPCO have recently joined forces with Poketo in creating a line of 9 limited edition dolls , “Gaza Kids, Children Soldiers.” For what sounds like a serious news piece, this series of dolls are colorful and satirical. And the best part? Removable heads! Kind of like the method we use in decapitating and reassembling gummy bears. The dolls, (along with the CUPCO wallets) are sold exclusively through Poketo–and with only 5 out of the 9 dolls left, get them before they are all but a distant memory!


We were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse inside the energetic and politically-charged mind of designer Lucas Temby:

How are you? Anything exciting since we’ve left off?

I recently finished a show in Australia’s Capital City Canberra where i had a doll of the Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd and a member of parliament bought it and gave it to Kevin! So Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has a Cupco doll version of himself. I hope he takes it to bed and loves it every night!

We think these dolls are so rad! How do you get away with doing politically charged dolls like these?

I make all kinds of dolls including some politically and military themed ones like suicide bombers and the Gaza Kids child soldiers for you guys. I like to do a broad cross-section of real and imaginary characters which will inevitably include some which are more politically charged dolls. My ultimate aim is to make 6 billion dolls one of every person in the world.


Received any bizarre messages along the way concerning your projects?

Not really. I had a death threat along time ago when I made an Osama doll but whatever. If people don’t understand what im doing i say: MAKE DOLLS NOT WAR!!


Out of all the awesome collections you’ve done, do you have one that stands out as a favorite?

I have an awful memory so I’m always excited about the latest ones that I’m making which are at the moment: Ayatollahs, Princess Crab, Shiva, Space Queen, Citizens of Atlantis, and North Korean Heads of the Navy, Army and Air Force. I’m taking it a bit easy this year I only have more show this year in December at the Metropolis Gallery in Philadelphia with the mighty Sucklord!!

What is it about working with dolls that fascinates you?

I like the detail and its kind of meditative sitting around sewing especially when its a nice day and I’m on the balcony with my wife and cat and lots of birds in the trees!

How did you come up with your dolls having removable/replaceable heads?

More fun that way! Buy an Ayatollah and a Crab Princess and swap the heads over and see what you get!


When was your last vacation and what did you do?

Went to Japan to see my wife’s family and my Japanese friends and spent four rainy days in Okinawa with my crazy family-in-law and a broken navigation system and smoked and drank too much and organized a show at STICH Japan for early 2010!

Do you twitter? If so, what was your last tweet?

I tweet badly and infrequently.
Last tweet: Go to to get your free stickers.
I’ve been sending out free stickers for years now in an attempt to build up my supplies of pre-emptive karma and goodwill!

Some words of wisdom for us folks in Los Angeles…

Ding Dang Dong!

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