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Creatures in your bowl…

Nothing brings a smile to our face than lovable creatures that somehow sneak into our dishware Wouldn’t you love having these guys sneak a peek at you early in the morning as you slurp through your morning cereal?

Made with beautiful white porcelain, these wave bowls make use of the peaks and valleys to form a cheerful silhouette of a lion, elephant, dog or cat.

Put them by the door and have a critter stand guard over your keys, coins and knick knacks. I never know where I put those little items in my pockets, so maybe now I won’t forget to drop them with the most lovable animals in town.

The best part of these bowls are the thoughtful details in and outside the bowl. See those paw prints in front?

This dog derriere is the cutest. I’m fighting the urge to help him up the lip of the bowl.

This elephant is trying to reach an apple subtly drawn just to the side. (See it?) Guess elephants aren’t working exclusively for peanuts after all.

This lion isn’t here to scare anyone. It’s just there playing with a butterfly just out of reach on the left.

Made in Nagasaki, Japan, each bowl is beautiful and an endless source of everyday inspiration. Bring a little friend home and see what you think.

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