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The word that will continually pop into our heads while touring ANDlight’s 5,000-square-foot industrial space studio is flexible. These walls once housed a lumber-processing plant, followed by additional past lives as a wood workshop, a musical jam space, and an artist space.

ANDLight Studio ShotShot of ANDLight Space.

Lukas and his two founding partners, Matt Davis and Caine Heintzman, converted the once-raw space into ANDLight, a lighting company whose inventive designs always seem to exist at the inflection point where less becomes more.

Lighting pieces by Lukas Peet.

Loosely divided into a studio, assembly/production space, showroom, and fulfillment center, there’s little separation between each operational area. It’s a situation we can relate to-- Poketo would probably benefit from dividing our studio/office teams from operations. 

Objects by Lukas Peet.

Admittedly it isn’t always ideal to work in a space where the retail and design teams have to operate within the same space as fulfillment and warehousing. But we agree about the numerous benefits of the “all under one roof" approach: Teams remain tightly knit, proximity promotes interaction, and the coordination between teams remains easier to orchestrate.

Shot of Lukas Peet's Space
A cooperative flow of activity and energy connects each department. Nowhere is the ideal more visible than within ANDLight’s large assembly room.

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