Lily & Hopie are two artists featured in our book CREATIVE SPACES. We met Lily and Hopie when we collaborated on a joint Poketo x Block Shop exclusive scarf. We love their designs, the patterns, the handmade production of their beautiful textiles with craftspeople in Bagru, India. Their mission to support craftspeople and families there, to highlight the craft, and to build a working culture that values people and family was something that we connected with and love about Block shop. The two of them steer the ship, but their team in LA and Bagru are small and dedicated and they treat their team like family. 

Block Shop Textiles Painting
Painting by Block Shop Textiles.

Whether through designs and products or collaborations and projects, Lily & Hopie are not afraid to try new things and explore new avenues for Block Shop. I feel they almost view Block Shop as an art project, being open and flexible to see how far they can take it. Very much like how we view Poketo.


Block Shop Textiles artwork

Block Shop Textiles work.

They once hosted a workshop with us. Like most of the artists that we invite to do a workshop, it was Lily & Hopie’s first time hosting. A workshop to us is an extension of our creative lifestyle, a way for our community to learn from the best, a way for people to connect and have fun with each other face to face. We love the excitement and buzz when you get people making, creating, chatting together in the same space. It makes us smile and our hearts explode. That has been the DNA of Poketo since day one, with an art show and friends. 

Planning with Lily & Hope of Block Shop TextilesThe planning stages with Lily & Hopie.

Needless to say, it was incredible. It sold out and people from all over met us out in the desert for a weekend workshop. We all learned about block-printing, natural dying, the inspiration that is behind their work. Since that time, the girls had been so inspired by the experience themselves, seeing the magic of getting people together that they would go onto host workshops annually out in the desert.


Lily & Hopie stockman

The two creative forces behind Block Shop Textiles.

Lily and Hopie are just two of the coolest, nicest, most down to earth people. Their kindness is infectious… hard to explain, but, a smile from Lily and Hopie can just make your day.  Both Lily and Hopie’s creative collaboration in work and in life has a magic sense of synchronicity. Sometimes, they don’t know who did what, which shows just how in sync and connected they are. After all, they are sisters.