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Colors. Colors. Colors… in all of our new accessories

Poketo is all about colors and fun, wouldn’t you say? But especially this spring, we’re feeling even more colorful than usual. Check out all our fun colorful accessories we’ve just introduced.

Rope Knot Bracelet: These beautiful Turk’s Head Rope Knot Bracelets are lovingly handmade and dip-dyed by one of our favorite artists, Tanya Aguiñiga of Los Angeles. Choose from the 3 colors of Lime, Black, and Red.

Rope Knot Necklace: Another creation by Tanya Aguiñiga, Tanya takes one long rope and lovingly twists, knots, and dip-dyes each one making it a work of art. A powerful statement piece, be prepared to be showered with compliments! Choose from the 3 colors of Gunmetal Grey, Indigo Blue, and Olive Green.

Chi Chi Necklaces are named after the famous Chichicastenango Market in Guatemala, known by many as the most colorful market in North America. Choose from Orange, Blue or Red.

Merit Badge Necklace: Modern take on the old Boy Scouts wooden badges, the necklaces are handmade from salvaged hardwoods and hand painted making each unique and one-of-a-kind.

Electric Love Rings and Bangles: Just like the name, these cute rings and bangles are made from… you guessed it, 100 % reclaimed electric wire. For the maximum colorful impact, wear them together. They’ll definitely bring a smile to your face. Choose from Yellow or Red.

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