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Color, geometry, imperfection… meet Jennifer Sanchez

New York based Jennifer Sanchez builds up layers of geometric shapes and vivid colors to create syncopated compositions. She begins each painting with general shapes and colors in mind and by intuitively reacting to each addition, she allows the painting to develop on its own terms. The inherent qualities of the materials help to guide her painting. Thick applications of paint, drips, cracking and smears are important to creating direct and frank paintings that reveal process. This is the first collaboration we’ve done with Jennifer, lets meet this amazing artist….

Tell us a little about this work that we used for your wallet.

Those paintings were all about color and movement. Circles have been a primary shape in my work for many years and during this period I was most interested finding new ways to create circular shapes.

What steps do you go through when you approach a new painting in order to find new shapes and combinations?

I never know what’s going to happen with a painting. I start with a general idea or feel for a painting, but the painting evolves on its own. There may be an impetus for a painting but that usually falls by the wayside by the time it’s finished.

What makes your work distinct?

I’m not afraid of change in my work any more. i think it’s my job as an artist to explore what interests me fully and fearlessly.

What, who, where are your inspirations?

This city – NYC. There so much to look at, whether its stuff in a museum/gallery, a kid on the street w/a crazy bright outfit, or the caked on grime in the subways – I love it all. Right now I’m really influenced by artist: Cy twombly, Kadar Brock, Justin Valdez. Here links to my blog posts on these artists, which include photos…

I was recently a fashion week here and I’m catching up and looking at the shows. What stands out from what I’ve seen so far is (via The Sartorialist): Prada, Hermes, Haider Ackermann, Jonathan Saunders and Victoria Beckham.

Radiating lines in any form. I’ve been appreciating mathematical shapes. But, I drool over any sort of schematic, map or architectural drawings. Line and quality of line is really interesting to me now.

Where do you see the future of your artwork? Where did it begin and how has it changed?

I have no idea. My painting style has actually changed a lot since I created the paintings used for the wallets. Right now I’m simplifying my compositions and it’s more about the materials. How the forms and the application of the forms can best enhance the materials. I’m creating a dichotomy between these very rigid geometric forms and their messy application. I don’t want my paintings to be perfect. I want them to have an off quality and I want my hand visible.

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