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Claudia Carieri talks to Poketo about her secret dreams, monsters, and more!

You can tell that artist Claudia Carieri is having a lot of fun with what she does. Her bubbly energy rubs off when you see her art. So much of the work she creates carries a simplicity that’s playful, brimming with character, and never boring. Check out the super Poketo wallet she designed with us and read on for more about Claudia, her secret dreams, and her affection for monsters.


Hi Claudia! How was your morning?

Not so good…my boyfriend snores a lot! 


You state in your bio that you are attracted to simple concepts and shapes. Why? And who/what are some of your other inspirations?

I don’t think there is an effective inspiration. I love when color is the main character of the illustration. It creates the composition impact. Simple shapes give a strong imprint to the colors and vice versa. 


How did you begin your art career? And what was the moment you knew that this was what you were supposed to be doing? 

I frequented the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, but since I was a child I knew that I loved drawing! Since nursery school my parents were impressed with my ability to mix colors and create funny characters. I think drawing is the only thing that I really can do well! 

There are many wonderful monsters recurring in your work. What is it about them that attracts you? Do they each have their own characteristics?

My idea of a monster is something that’s not scary, but always funny. I’ve created a lots of monsters! Ones that are hand crafted too. They are essential for me. If a monster fits in any of my works, I’ll put it somewhere!


If you could have any other job than what you do now, what would you choose?

My secret dream is to become a movie director – a sort of Lina Wertmuller (I just have some ideas for a crazy screenplay!) and I also would love to work in a stationery store!


To see more of Claudia’s works, please visit

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